Ash - 338

This monster 52" Ash tree dropped a 24"D limb on the property owner's driveway and flattened their car like a pancake. It was after that they no longer felt safe around the tree so they had it taken down. Since it was so close to power lines, Con Edison was responsible for felling it in pieces using a 90 ton crane! It was a huge production but we managed to save 3 logs from the trunk totaling 2,500 board feet of lumber. Our log truck just barely was able to pick the logs up!

Kiln Dried

sourced from
Pelham, NY


Length 124.00"
Width (Bottom) 41.00"
Width (Middle) 35.50"
Width (Top) 53.50"
Thickness 3.00"
Board Footage 111.9
Board Foot Price $15
Slab Price $1678.50
Length 126.00"
Width (Bottom) 41.00"
Width (Middle) 33.00"
Width (Top) 52.00"
Thickness 3.00"
Board Footage 110.3
Board Foot Price $15
Slab Price $1654.50
Length 131.00"
Width (Bottom) 36.00"
Width (Middle) 24.00"
Width (Top) 38.00"
Thickness 3.00"
Board Footage 89.2
Board Foot Price $15
Slab Price $1338.00

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