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    Slab Furniture
    NYC trees transformed into furniture
    for your home or business.
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    Custom Surfaces
    Countertops, bartops & shelving
    for your home or business.
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    Live Edge Slabs
    Sold in the rough or ready to use.

Locally Sourced. Locally Produced.

Tens of thousands of NYC trees are chipped and sent to the landfill every year. At the same time, lumber and furniture are being produced and shipped to New York, often from thousands of miles away. That's why we are taking these trees out of the wastestream and producing lumber and furniture with a known, local provenance. At RE-CO BKLYN, you'll find live edge slabs and dimensional lumber in species like Walnut, Oak, Maple, Ash, Beech any many more. We also carry reclaimed boards and beams from demolished buildings right here in NYC.

When you buy furniture or lumber from RE-CO BKLYN you are incorporating NYC history into your project, while supporting our local economy and reducing environmental impact by using low traveled material and helping to keep our forests standing.

NYC Sawmill.
NYC Furniture Shop.

Welcome to New York City's only furniture shop that produces all their own lumber.

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