Wood Slab Tables and Furniture

Live edge slabs make excellent tables, bars, shelves, benches, headboards and so much more. Wood slabs tell the story of a tree by exposing the entirety of its grain across the full width of the trunk. Since we sustainbly source fallen NYC trees that are otherwise wasted, we feel slabs do the most justice to honoring a tree's story and allows to us save a little piece of NYC history in our homes and businesses. Contact us to get started.

Wood Slab Species Library

Flip through samples of live edge wood slabs we have in stock. If you are thinking about staining your slab, see if you can find a species of wood that fits your color and style requirements first. Slabs almost always look best showing off their natural beauty. We routinely stock Black Walnut, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Guanacaste and many more.


Our products come from a labor of love. It all starts with reclaiming New York City hardwoods from the wastestream. We cut these treasures into slabs and are always in awe of what we find. Each slab is never the same and always extraordinary. The drying process is critical not only to avoid damaging the wood, but also to preserve the tree's natural beauty and character. As furniture makers, our standards for drying are high, and that's why we meticulously oversee this process with incredible care. As these slabs make their way through our shop, they are handworked to showcase their natural beauty, all the way to the best finish that provides the durability that will last generations and the look that will turn heads.