It started with a desire to create beautiful bespoke furniture in a sustainble way. We spent a great deal of time (and frustration) figuring out who was going to be the best supplier for our reclaimed wood. You see, we felt strongly about holding our supplier's ethics and practices to the same standard of sustainability as the material they were selling. We wanted the material to be minimally traveled and to be sure of no worker exploitation. One clean happy road from standing tree to our stock room.

We never found said supplier.

If we wanted ultra sustainable wood, we were just going to have to make it ourselves. And that's just what we did. A handful of years, several sawmills and a collection of chainsaws later, we are RE-CO BKLYN.

Reclaiming Locally

Trees in the NYC are removed or naturally fall every day. The primary reasons for this are storm damage, safety hazards, pest infection, or to make way for urban expansion. These fallen trees are routinely wasted by either burning, chipping or being dumped in a landfill. At the same time, local woodworkers are habitually paying a premium for hardwoods at lumber retailers. This material is of an unknown origin, usually cut from perfectly healthy, standing trees in forests often hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We work with local arborists, tree services and city parks departments to locate downed trees and trees slated for removal locally. We save these trees from becoming an addition to our over-burdened waste stream. This method reduces unnecessary logging and waste, deforestation and high lumber prices due to shipping expenses. Our material comes with a known local provenance that creates a link to our communities and lives. We are leading the change towards a greener, lower impact and more logical way of sourcing lumber.

Lumber Production

We produce live edge slabs almost exclusively because we feel this type of material does the most justice to telling the story of a tree that lived its life in NYC. Live edge slabs maintain so much of the character of these old growth trees. They tell their story through the tightness of their grain, the shape of their boards and the live edge that once faced the history of our city for decades.

We built our own kiln out of a decommissioned 40' shipping container, giving it a second life. It is computer controlled and is electrically heated and dehumidified. The computer works off precise temperature, humidity and moisture sensors to produce the highest quality, furniture grade material at 6-8% moisture content.

Furniture Production

RE-CO BKLYN was started by a group of custom furniture designers and makers, and those roots run deep! Our design and build team has created one-of-a-kind pieces for private and commercial clients ranging from local homeowners to popular celebrities as well as hotels, restaurants, bars, retail stores and more. Check out our Slab Furniture and Custom Work for more info.


Trees in NYC


Damaged Trees in Hurricanes Sandy and Irene


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