Tree Harvesting

Most people don't realize how vegetated New York City is. There are trees everywhere! They line the streets, pack our parks and have a home in countless tiny backyards. In fact, according to Million Trees NYC, there are almost 600,000 trees lining the streets and over 5 million trees total.

Urban development, routine tree mainentance and storms are primarily how trees make their way from the ground to our mill. We work with local arborists, tree services, developers, the city parks department, landfills, and property owners in NYC to locate downed trees and trees slated for removal. We then save the tree from a fate of being chipped, turned into firewood or just hauled to the landfill. By sourcing our logs this way, our material has a much lower carbon footprint than getting logs shipped in from around the country or around the world. This method also ensures that the material has been responsibly harvested and not coming from land where a healthy grove of trees were cut down for money. It reduces unnecessary logging and waste, deforestation and high lumber prices due to shipping expenses. We are leading the change towards a greener, lower impact and more logical way of sourcing lumber.

Our material comes with a known local provenance, a link to our communities and lives. Imagine that the tree you grew up with in your backyard now has to come down. For years you climbed it, rested under its shade, maybe even had a tree house. Instead of having the material chipped, we can turn it into beautiful lumber or even furniture for your house. Or maybe you like the idea of furnishing your NYC apartment with trees that you could have litterally seen out your window. We have your material. Trees in our city tell their own story, they share the history they have experienced, they are as unique and diverse as the city itself.

If you have a tree that is down or scheduled to come down, and you'd rather see it made into furniture rather than be wasted in the chipper or landfill, get in touch with us.

Tree harvesting from a homeowner's backyard.
Picking logs from piles at the landfill.
Working with NYC tree services.