Sycamore (American) - 42

American Sycamore, or Plane Tree, is one of the most ubiquitous species in the New York City area and many other cities as well. These hybrid sycamores are easily recognizable by their smooth camouflage patterned bark. Long ago it was observed that not only do these trees thrive in smoggy areas but hey take aggressive pruning and shaping very well, making them excellent city trees. Plane Trees are staples of famous public parks in NYC, Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan. NYC Parks Department contacted us about helping them clear out a stockpile of logs they had in Cunningham Park, Queens. They trees came from public areas in and around Cunningham Park, where they were either dead, suffered storm damage or needed to be removed for road work or park maintenance.

Kiln Dried

sourced from
Cunningham Park, Queens NY


Length 147.00"
Width (Bottom) 7.00"
Width (Middle) 12.75"
Width (Top) 24.00"
Thickness 2.75"
Board Footage 40.9
Board Foot Price $15
Slab Price $613.50
Length 146.50"
Width (Bottom) 29.50"
Width (Middle) 25.50"
Width (Top) 20.00"
Thickness 2.75"
Board Footage 69.9
Board Foot Price $18
Slab Price $1258.20

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