Widebelt Sanding

Let us handle the time consuming sanding for your next project. Our widebelt sander takes material up to 52" wide. It's the perfect solution for fine thicknessing of your wood stock all the way to a finished surface ready for finish. We can scrub surfaces at 40 grit all the way up to a 220 grit fine finish.

Advantages over orbital or belt sanding:
  • Extreme time savings
  • Fine thicknessing
  • Consistant flat surface over large widths and lengths

If your material is not flat, such as a large slab, we can flatten it first and then sand it. Flattening will bring both faces to flat with a textured surface ready for sanding. Then we can then fine thickness and sand to a perfectly consistent thicknessed and sanded surface. Check out our flattening service.

Sanding a 15' long Black Walnut slab