Going Reclaimed

Reclaimed boards and beams are an abundant resource in New York City. When NYC's historic buildings are demolished or remodeled, we step in to utilize this antique material. It's full of character and has that signature "old wood" finish.

We sell the beams as is, but we will also create furniture to your spec from them. See our current stock below and give us a call or email to get your next project started!

Our Current Stock

3" x 10" Beams
Versatile material used for decor and furniture application. Especially great for table tops! They range in length from 6' up to 20' and generally come from 2-4 story residential buildings around the city.

7.5" x 13" Beams
A very special find. These 22 foot long, old growth Southern Yellow Pine beams came from 430 West 15th Street in NYC's Meatpacking District. The building was built in 1903 as a Carriage House and Horse Stable. In 1910 the building became an automobile parking garage and it served that purpose until it was renovated in 2013. These beams served as part of its original structural support.

12" x 12" Beams
Pine beams from a demolished building in Passaic, NJ.

One of our finished reclaimed tables.
Making a pickup of reclaimed beams in NYC's Meatpacking District.
Our 3" x 10" beams waiting to become rustic furniture and decor.