Design Recipes

Follow Cathy Hobbes from Design Recipes on NY's Pix 11 on a tour our shop and yard, finding the perfect slabs for a new table for a dining room makeover.

The Wall Street Journal

New York City's largest tree, located on the southwest corner of Prospect Park, died and had to be taken down in late 2015. Working with The Prospect Parks Alliance and Rhode Island School of Design, we were able to turn this beautiful 150 European Elm tree into lumber and furniture that will keep its legacy alive for generations to come. The Wall Street Journal did a great job documenting the process of getting it from the park to our sawmill.

Fast Company

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, we were approached by Fast Company to produce a short video about how we were helping with the cleanup in and around NYC.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker spent a day with us to get our story and how we were able to turn the reclaimation of NYC trees into a business.

Japan National Public Broadcasting

Japan's national public broadcasting aired a piece on RE-CO BKLYN. We were told Japan's response to it was, "They want your wood".

NPR Marketplace

Reporter Stan Alcorn visited us to talk about how we sourced fallen trees after Hurricane Sandy and what we produce from them.

Sotokoto Magazine

Sotokoto is a popular lifestyle magazine in Japan. We were honored to be included in their article, "Companies That Are Saving The World".

See the entire article here

British Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC included us in a great article about the rise in niche NYC manufacturing along with Grado Labs. Before this article was published we had not known about Grado Labs, nor had they heard of us. Shortly after publication, we got a call from Grado because they were interested in using our Brooklyn sourced wood for their Brooklyn made headphones. Since then they have released a limited line of headphones made from our Maple wood and we look forward to future collaborations.