What is Flattening?

We sell our slabs rough sawn, but we also offer a very popular flattening service. As wood dries, it wants to move. Depending on the cut, the slab may want to cup or twist. Every slab that comes out of the kiln will have some degree of movement, and this movement creates a slab that is not perfectly flat.

A common misconception is to plane a slab. The problem with planing is that a planer will translate the contours of the bottom side to the top side of the slab.

Flattening is done with a machine that defines a flat plane in space and then cuts that plane flat into one side of a slab. At this point, we have a flat side that can be referenced in a planer. We then flatten the other side, producing a dead flat, even thickness slab.

Why do I need it?

Because of the size of the slabs, it can be a difficult and time consuming process to flatten one with standard shop tools like a jointer, hand plane and sander. By utilizing RE-CO BKLYN's flattening service, you get a dead flat slab ready for sanding.

We also offer widebelt sanding services for flat solid wood and plywood material.

Every slab cups or twists a little while drying.
We shave 1/8 inch of material off in each pass.
We keep taking passes until the slab is dead flat.