The Finishing Process

Let RE-CO BKLYN's 1000 square foot dedicated finishing room provide you with the professional, high-end finish your piece deserves.

Finishing the wood involves more than just brushing on a product and calling it good. There are many considerations that go into choosing and properly applying the best finish for a given application. We start with the surface preparation, which can include grain filling, sanding, scraping and planing as well as filling cracks and voids with epoxy resin. Large cracks can be stabilized with butterfly keys either on the show surface for all to see or on the underside for a more modest look. We then work with you to create a finishing regimen that will bring out the best of your piece's color, figure and texture while providing a durable, long wearing, and easy to clean surface. Finally, a good finish will seal the wood and help prevent the inherent seasonal movement to which all woods are susceptible; leaving a more stable and predictable surface.

Finishing Options

Our professional in-house finishing team can provide a beautiful finish in any sheen that will last the lifetime of your piece. Some of our options are:

  • Natural hand rubbed oils and waxes
  • Longwearing varnishes
  • Low and No V.O.C. selections
  • Shellac
  • Lacquer
  • Water based finishes
  • Staining and color matching

Contact us about the right type of finish for your piece and it's intended use as well as lead times and pricing info.

Buffing wax off an enormous Black Walnut conference table.
Applying a coat of varnish to a custom Oak bartop.
Applying a coat of oil to a custom Silver Maple conference table.